C3F Series

Octa Light High Power Thermoq COB Series is the new breakthrough technology for high density, high uniformity and long life high power Chip On Board modules.
All Octa Light COB LEDs provide highest thermal conductivity and biggest substrate stability due to its pure copper nature.
Octa Light COB LEDs are provided with standard ANSI binning, assuring close-up color choice according to application request.

Detailed information
High thermal conductance (>400 W/mK) pure copper base, industry lowest thermal resistance packages.
Supplied in series connection - 25.6 V DC nominal @ test current 2100mA
Supplied Bare, with Easy Solder stack-up or standard holders assuring no need of connection wire soldering
Specified CCT & CRI combinations
ANSI compliant Quarter binning
Exceed Energy Star® lumen maintenance requirements
Low voltage operation and instant lighting
Reflow process compatibility
Optimized optical performance for higher light output
Files DS C3F v1.2__.pdf